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National Drug Screening offers Drug Testing, MRO, Drug Testing Software, and Training

Get a Drug Test Now – Order Online Now Available!

For Individuals, Companies, and Government regulated : All types of testing are available including DNA Paternity, alcohol, urine, hair, oral fluid and more. Many individuals are looking to get a drug test and many need the drug test immediately. National Drug Screening can provide immediate drug testing immediately for any location throughout the United States. With one phone call you can get a drug test ordered and scheduled for immediate collection of the specimen. In many areas, same day testing can be accomplished. Drug testing is available for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, heroin, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Spice, K2, Bath Salts and many more drug combinations. ETG testing for alcohol is also available for an 80 hour look back time for consumption of alcohol. 

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Drug Testing Software

National Drug Screening offers state of the art software for processing drug tests from collection to result reporting including e-chain paperless drug tests; web based reporting and electronic data management. This is a complete drug testing software management. Robust Technology – This is the latest in Drug Testing Management Software All web based – no software to install, no software updates to purchase Increased efficiency Expanded access Automated random program management system, notices branded with your company logo Automated management of all your occupational health screening programs Collect non-dot instant testing (POCT) without paper chain of custody – using an electronic chain of custody on a laptop or tablet – negative results posted to client within minutes E-chain, E-COC, E-CCF – paperless drug testing.

Medical Review Officer Services

Medical Review Officer (MRO) services are provided by National Drug Screening (NDS) for employers and for third party administrators (TPA) serving employers. MRO services are provided by National Drug Screening with a robust technology platform. This technology platform is state of the art drug testing software.

The use of the MRO is required in a DOT drug and alcohol testing program and in many states per state laws on drug testing or specific state drug free workplace programs. Federal drug free workplace programs also require the use of an MRO for processing drug testing results once they have had a confirmation test at the laboratory.

The final review of results is an essential component of any drug testing program. A positive laboratory test result does not automatically identify an employee or job applicant as an illegal drug user, nor does a laboratory result of invalid, substituted, or adulterated automatically identify specimen tampering.

The Medical Review Officer or MRO is required to be a licensed physician responsible for receiving laboratory results generated by a drug testing program, who has knowledge of substance abuse disorders and has appropriate medical training to interpret and evaluate an individual's positive test result with his or her medical history and any other relevant biomedical information. The MRO has to receive specific training and certification to perform MRO services in the drug testing and drug screening process.

If you are a TPA looking for MRO services, call National Drug Screening. If you are a TPA looking for a drug testing software solution, call National Drug Screening.

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